Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 495

Employee Recognition




Wild Rose School Division encourages recognition of employees at the school and/or department level. Employees of Wild Rose School Division are encouraged to practice meaningful, informal recognition of fellow employees where warranted, in a timely, sincere, appropriate, and inclusive manner.


Dedicated and experienced staff are integral to meeting the educational goals of The Division.  The Division wishes to officially recognize both the achievement of staff and the service of long-term employees.  Wild Rose School Division will therefore honour long service, retirement, and exemplary achievements according to the following procedures.




Long Service


1.      Service will be recognized in five year increments, starting with the completion of the fifth year.


2.      Substitute or casual service shall not be considered as qualifying service.


3.      Service will be recognized as follows:


         3.1     Regardless of the FTE (Full Time Equivalent), employees will be credited with one (1) year for the employee recognition program if they were employed for at least five (5) months of the ten (10) month school year


         3.2     Employees who have worked less than five (5) months of the ten (10) month school year will be credited with ½ (.5) year for recognition purposes.


4.      Personal leave without pay for a continuous period of thirty calendar days or more shall not be considered as qualifying service.


         4.1     Leave of more than one calendar year will not be considered as qualifying service.


         4.2     Maternity Leaves will be considered as qualifying service.  Personal leaves for reasons other than 4.1 will not be considered as service.  Long Term Disability benefits are not counted as years of service.


5.      Resignations will be considered a break in service and if re-hired or contracted at a later date, employment status is considered new.


6.      For all contractors who hire drivers for their buses, it is their responsibility to notify Wild Rose School Division of completion of required years of service for awards.


7.      An employee may be recognized for long-service and retirement in the same year.


8.      Principals will advise the Superintendent/designate of employees who have received an external award (Provincial, National, International) related to their role as employee of Wild Rose Public Schools.


9       Human Resources will provide data identifying teachers eligible for awards. The Associate Superintendent – Corporate Services will submit names of non-teaching personnel to the Communications Committee.


Awards will be presented by Wild Rose School Division.


         Value of Award


Years Of Service

Suggested Value


















Retirement - $20 per year, 10 year minimum service





The Division will appropriately recognize employees retiring, subject to the following:


1.      The employee shall have rendered a minimum of ten (10) accumulated years of service with the Division.


2.      Presentations will be made annually at a social to include a banquet in June of each year. Complimentary tickets will be issued for recipients and guest, board members, and those Wild Rose School Divison staff required to attend.



Significant Contributions


The Division may recognize the significant achievements of employee through specific awards.  Regulations governing such awards shall be developed separately, or are governed by the award itself. The Division will recognize individuals for achievements related to education as deemed appropriate but not limited to the following:



  • Edwin Parr Teacher Award
  • Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Wild Rose Award of Merit
  • Student Select Award
  • The Apple Award




Student Select Award


The Division recognizes that all Wild Rose School Division employees make a difference in the lives of Wild Rose School Division students. Therefore, the Board considers it appropriate for the students of Wild Rose School Division to have the opportunity to recognize some of those special employees with their own Student Select Award.


1.      Awards will be solicited from students for each division (K-3; 4-6; 7-9; 10-12) for a total of four awards per year. Students will be asked to nominate a staff member who has made a difference to them.


2.      Awards will be advertised in March and April of each year with a deadline April 15. Nomination forms will be available in every office and on the Wild Rose School Divisions web page. Nominations will be sent c/o of the Communications Committee of Wild Rose School Division.


3.      Judging will be conducted by the Management Team.


4.      Awards will be a crystal Apple award plus $200 honorarium for Professional Development for the staff member and $200 for the school.



Wild Rose Award of Merit


The Division recognizes the effort and dedication of students and employees, past and present, who have achieved well and beyond and who have become an inspiration to many.  The following guidelines have been established for the recognition of excellence at a national and international level, to be known as the Wild Rose Award of Merit (WRAM).


1.      Eligibility


         1.1     Candidates for this award must meet the following criteria:


                  1.1.1  are to be solicited from the public and reviewed by the Board of Trustees for final selection


                  1.1.2  are attending or did attend school in the Wild Rose Public Schools (or its predecessors), OR are employed or were employed by Wild Rose School Division (or its predecessor)


                  1.1.3  have excelled in academics, athletics, the arts, volunteerism, and/or public service at a national or international level.


         1.2     Entry Categories


                  1.2.1  Academic Award - for outstanding academic achievement at a national or international level beyond a Bachelor’s degree.


                           All nominations must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation together with material identifying the accomplishments or record of service.


                  1.2.2  Arts - for outstanding achievement in one or more of the arts where considerable discipline, skill, and training was required to attain recognition, or where qualified Board adjudicators or judges have made public their opinion or decision on achievement.  “Arts”, for the purpose of this award, shall include, but not be limited to: literary arts, visual arts, performing arts, film, video, and traditional arts.


                           Nominees must have have gained documented national or international acceptance or recognition for outstanding achievement


                           All nominations must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation together with material identifying the accomplishments or record of service.


                  1.2.3  Citation Award - to honour an individual or group who has given or continues to give long and significant outstanding service as a volunteer to athletics, the arts, multiculturalism, social services, health care, or community service and who has been recognized at the national or international level.


                           All nominations must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation together with material identifying the accomplishments or record of service.


                  1.2.4  Performance Award - to honour athletes who have place first at a National Championship or who have placed in the top three at an International event.


                           All nominees must be registered with a Canadian sport governing body either directly or through a provincial affiliated member and sanctioned by such.


                           All nominations must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation together with material identifying the accomplishments or record of service.


2.      Selection


         Each year the Division has the discretion to select one or more recipients for the Wild Rose Award of Merit.  In February and March, advertisements for nominations will be placed in all jurisdiction schools and in all newspapers that serve Wild Rose Public Schools, with final selections being made by April 30th of the same year.


3.      The Award


         3.1     The Award can be presented at the annual division rally day in August.


         3.2     Inscribed pictures of each recipient will be placed on a “Wall of Fame” for a period of time in the Division office.


         3.3     Unsuccessful nominations that qualify will remain on file and will automatically be considered in subsequent years for two additional years after which they will lapse.


         3.4     The Division reserves the right to not select a successful applicant each year if there are no suitable candidates. 


4.      Attendees


         4.1     Award recipients and honoured guests will be hosted by the Division.  These will include the award recipients' escort and/or closest relative.



The Apple Award


Wild Rose School Division recognizes the contribution that teachers make to the learning environment in the Division. Therefore it is deemed important to honour teachers at any time during the school year.


1.      A teacher can be nominated by either School Administrators or Division Office Administration.  Nominations are submitted to the Associate Superintendent--Central Services using the appropriate form.  The nomination is taken to the next scheduled Education Team meeting for review.  The Apple will be presented at the teacher’s school by the Superintendent, Associate Superintendent--Central Services or School Administrator and accompanied by a letter of recognition from the Superintendent and Associate Superintendent - Central Services.


2.      Nominees clearly demonstrate any or all of the following criteria:


         2.1     They advance the division’s mission, vision and values.


         2.2     They demonstrate a passionate commitment to the organization as a Professional Learning Community.


         2.3     They set high standards and expectations for self and student success


         2.4     They engage in reflection and collective inquiry on the results of student    achievement in order to improve student learning.


         2.5     They model the importance of life long learning through a commitment to ongoing professional growth.


         2.6     They commit to a high level of mutual support, respect, and trust between all members of the learning community.


         2.7     They expect students and self to achieve at high levels according to measurable standards.


         2.8     They engage in reflection and inquiry about best practices.


         2.9     They collaborate regularly with one another on educational issues that impact student learning such as: instruction, assessment, curriculum, individual student needs and school improvement initiatives.


         2.10   Notwithstanding, he/she would be a positive ambassador for education in Wild Rose School Division.



Revision:                26 January 2011

Reviewed:               September, 2011

Next Review By:      September 2016


Legislative References:


         School Act Sections 60, 61


Board Policy:


         Policy 11 Delegation