Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 501

Student Fees




While recognizing that basic education should, for the most part be free and available to all, the School Act (Sec. 60(2)j) allows Schools Boards to establish fees with respect to instructional supplies and materials.  For equity purposes, the Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish mandatory school fees at each grade level. The Principal in consultation with the School Council may determine other fees as outlined in Regulations 2 and 3 below.


All fees charged to students/parents must be properly accounted for using appropriate accounting procedures as determined by the Secretary-Treasurer or designate.




  1. Mandatory Fees


         Mandatory fees are levied by the jurisdiction to assist schools in covering a portion of the costs associated with:

  • Locker upkeep and locks
  • Workbooks
  • Textbook replacement and renewal
  • Co-curricular field trips
  • Use of community facilities
  • Visiting performers, exhibitions, and guest speakers.


         Mandatory fees are set annually by the Superintendent and published on the Division web site:

  • $ 40 for students in grades 1 – 6 and ECS
  • $ 70 for students in grades 7 – 9
  • $ 100  for students in grades 10 – 12


         The revenue generated by mandatory fees must be reported in the School Budget.  The monies collected must be forwarded to division office for inclusion in the school budget.

         The Superintendent will review mandatory fees annually.


2.      Supplementary Fees


         Supplementary fees may be levied by schools in consultation with the School Council for supplies, materials and other costs other than tuition relating to CTS courses, complementary courses (junior high/middle school), Marine Biology, Outdoor Education, Physical Education 20/30 on a cost-recovery basis for materials and other related costs.  The revenue and costs of these courses will be reported in the School Generated Fund report and form the information base for setting of these individual fees.


3.      Voluntary Fees


         Voluntary fees can be levied on participating users to recover the costs for activities or products such as:

  • yearbooks
  • school photos
  • extra curricular activities
  • special class trips
  • instrument rental
  • student union fees
  • distance learning caution fees (refundable) for students electing to take these courses when they are offered in the school


4. Collection of Fees


         The collection of mandatory fees and other fees levied by the school is the responsibility of the Principal.


5. Relaxation of Fees


         Students will not be denied access to, or credit for a program or activity solely on the basis of an inability to pay.


6. Parental Involvement


         The outline of all school fees for the next school year shall be discussed at an advertised School Council meeting through regular school communication practices such as the school newsletter, school web page, e-mails. memo to parents, or by newspaper advertisement.


7. Notification of School Fees


         All parents must be notified of the mandatory school fees as established by June 1 for the following school year.


         The notification of fees shall be published by Division Education Centre.


         An advertisement will be placed in all community newspapers and the Division web pages for mandatory fees no later than June 01 for the following school year.


         Supplementary Fees and Voluntary Fees for each school shall be published in the Wild Rose School Division Parent Handbook which will be distributed each year with the final report card.


Reviewed:            December, 2011

Next Review by:   December, 2016


Legislative References:


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Policy 11 Delegation


Cross Reference:


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