Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 520

Division Owned Vehicles




Wild Rose School Division approves the acquisition and operation of motor vehicles to facilitate the movement and delivery of persons, property, supplies and materials, and to facilitate the delivery of curricular and extra-curricular programs.





1.   The purchase of any vehicle must be approved in writing by the Secretary-Treasurer prior to the actual purchase. A written mechanical inspection shall be required prior to approval of purchase.


2.   Division owned vehicles may also be leased out to contract operators in cases of emergency at rates established by the Division.


4.   Responsibility for regular service and maintenance of Division owned vehicles shall rest with the Manager of Transportation Services or appropriate Principal/Department Head.  Division owned vehicles shall not be used for personal use.


5.   Registration and insurance of Division owned vehicles shall be issued in the name of "Wild Rose Public Schools", and thereby subject to all safety inspections required under Provincial and Federal legislation.


6.   Each vehicle shall be covered by an insurance policy within the limits of coverage prescribed by Section 627 of the Alberta Insurance Act.  The Automobile Insurance Policy providing passenger hazard coverage must be no less than that required by the Division of any commercial carrier undertaking School Division transportation services.


7.   All drivers of Division owned vehicles must possess a Class 1 or Class 2 driver's license as a condition for driving any bus used for transporting students.


8.   A travel log shall be maintained on Division owned vehicles to provide the following pertinent information: name of driver, destination, names of passengers, and start/stop times.  Any mechanical concerns are also to be noted.


9.   Formal inspection of Division owned buses must be conducted every six months or as specified by Alberta Legislation and Regulations.


Reviewed:               December, 2011

Next Review by:      December, 2016


Legislative References:


School Act Section 60, 61

Alberta Insurance Act Section 627


Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation