Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 521

School Owned Vehicles




The Division approves the purchase of vehicles by schools subject to the following procedures. Pursuant to AP 517 any vehicle purchased by a school schools shall become the  property of Wild Rose School Division.




1.      Approval of Purchase


The purchase by any school or schools of any vehicle must be approved in writing by the Secretary-Treasurer prior to the actual transaction. A cost/benefit analysis by the school shall be a requirement before approval of purchase.


2.      Pre-purchase Inspection


A copy of the School Bus Inspection Form and the Mechanic's Report (when necessary) shall be sent by the school to the Secretary-Treasurer, indicating that the vehicle has been inspected and that the items requiring repair have been replaced or repaired.


3.      Purchasing


3.1     The purchase of a vehicle shall be made on a formal purchase order issued through the office of the Secretary-Treasurer.


3.2     All costs involved in purchasing, licensing, insuring, maintaining and operating said vehicle shall be the sole responsibility of the school or groups of schools concerned. Funds which are available for transportation costs may be applied to maintenance and operating costs. Such a decision will rest with the Principal.





4.      Insurance


Each vehicle shall be covered by an insurance policy within the minimum limits of coverage prescribed by Section 627 of the Alberta Insurance Act, RSA 2000, and the automobile insurance policy providing passenger hazard coverage at least equal to that required by the Division of any commercial carrier with whom it does business. Schools have the option of being included under the Division's vehicle insurance policy.


5.      School Bus License


All Division owned vehicles used as a school bus must be licensed with "School Bus" (S.B.) or government license plates in order that they comply with all the safety requirements and inspections required under the Public Service Vehicles Act of the Highway Traffic Board.


6.      Driver's License


All drivers of Division vehicles must possess the appropriate Driver's License as a condition for driving any bus used for transporting students.


6.1     Prior to assuming initial driving duties, the driver must provide documented evidence of licensing to the school administration.


6.2     Before any vehicle can be operated, drivers' abstracts must be obtained and filed with the Secretary-Treasurer or designee.


7.      Inspections


School will adhere to the "National Safety Code Procedures - Buses" in the maintenance and operation of any vehicle used as a school bus, and obtain certification stating the same.


8.      Restricted Use


All vehicles owned by schools shall be limited to use by Divisional school(s)only.


9.      Travel Log


A log shall be maintained on each vehicle showing all information pertinent to the trip, including name of driver, destination, student passenger list, time of departure, time of return, fuel purchased, and any mechanical concerns as recorded by the driver.


10.     Accidents


The procedures set forth on the approved School Bus Accident Procedures form shall be followed in the event of an accident.


11.     Check List


11.1   A procedural checklist shall be provided to all drivers of school-owned buses which is to be followed before any bus trip commences.


11.2   This check list shall deal with such matters as "pre-trip" light and tire check and will outline the Alberta Highway Traffic regulations as they apply to the bus and its operation.



12.     Load Limits


The load limits of all vehicles must be strictly adhered to. All riders must have a seat. No passenger shall be permitted to stand.



Reviewed:               December, 2011

Next Review by:      December, 2016


Legislative References:


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Cross Reference:


AP 517 Purchasing

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