Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 523

Disposal of Assets




Capital furnishings, equipment, and instructional supplies, may, from time to time, become obsolete, unserviceable, or surplus to the Division's needs. Such items, valued at less than $5000, may be disposed of, subject to Alberta Education Regulations and to the following procedures.




1.      The Secretary-Treasurer and Superintendent, in consultation with the Principal, shall determine those items to be disposed of, and in what manner.


1.1     Furniture, etc. requires approval of the Maintenance Supervisor.


1.2     Capital Equipment requires approval of Secretary-Treasurer.


1.3     Instructional supplies/materials are responsibility of Principal.


2.      Where the possibility exists that the item(s) for disposal may be of interest to others in the Division, this information shall be sent to all schools, work sites, etc.


3.      For items considered suitable for sale, an estimated value shall be established, in consultation with the Secretary Treasurer or designate.


4.      Proceeds from the sale or trade of assets shall be retained by, or credited to the school or department in which the item was located.


5.      Items for sale shall be advertised by the establishment of a fixed price, by public tender, sealed bid, or sold by public auction. The Division reserves the right to establish reserve bids on any item.


6.      Staff and students of the Wild Rose School Division have the same right of access to items being disposed of as members of the public. Items may only be disposed of after other schools/departments have had an opportunity to acquire them, and at the same price they were offered internally.


7.      When disposing of assets, care should be taken to ensure that inventories and/or insurance records are amended, where appropriate.


Reviewed:               December, 2011

Next Review By:      December, 2016


Legislative References:


School Act Section 60, 61, 200, 201

Alberta Regulation 3/2001 – Disposition of Property


Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation