Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 530

Facilities Maintenance




Building maintenance may involve larger or smaller projects. These projects can be categorized as follows:


1.      Routine Maintenance


         As the name implies, routine maintenance refers to the replacement, repair, maintenance of small items associated with the facility and its operation that are not covered by janitors. In general, it refers to things on a fixed nature such as repairing broken windows, doors, small-area repainting, minor electrical repairs, fixing holes, locks/security systems, etc. (This list is representative only).


         In summary: If it can be fixed with a screwdriver, a hammer, a saw, a drill or a bit of paint it is routine maintenance. Both labour and materials costs are charged against Maintenance Department budgets. Requests for routine maintenance will be submitted to the Maintenance Department (north or south, as appropriate), on the form(s) approved for that purpose, as the need arises.


2.      Maintenance Projects


         Maintenance projects are things that cannot be fixed quickly and easily. They are larger in terms of scope, cost, materials needed, and time.


         Maintenance projects would include such things as roof repairs/replacement, replacing window frames, doors, putting in circulation fans, constructing small spaces, temporary walls, built-in shelving units, replacing carpets, blinds, drapes, etc. (Again, the list is illustrative, not exhaustive).


         All grounds upgrading will be considered maintenance projects.


         Such projects cannot usually be done at short notice, and frequently involve costs which may exceed maintenance budgets. Planning for these is therefore essential.


         In addition, maintenance projects may:


         2.1     Be supportable under IMR or similar funding;

         2.2     Involve cost-sharing with the school or department; and


         2.3     Not be possible for some time, particularly where they are submitted to Alberta Education for funding consideration.


3.      Capital Building Projects


         These include major renovations, modernizations, additions, or new facilities. While they may be initiated as a discussion item at the school level, they are ultimately the prerogative of the Board, and are dealt with on an individual basis as outlined in Administrative Procedure 531 – Alterations to School Facilities via the Three Year Plan.



Reviewed:               December,  2011

Next Review by:      December, 2016


Legislative References:


School Act Section 60, 61


Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation


Cross Reference:


AP 531 Alterations to School Facilities