Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 533

Fire Safety Systems




A regular system of inspection, testing, and monitoring of fire safety systems is necessary to ensure the safety of staff, students, and other members of the public in buildings operated by Wild Rose School Division.




1.   Overall responsibility for fire safety systems resides with the Maintenance Supervisor.


2.   All fire safety systems shall comply with the Alberta Fire Code.


3.   All fire alarms shall be tested at least annually to ensure they are operating properly.


4.   Emergency lights shall be tested annually and batteries drained at least annually. Batteries shall be tested at least monthly.


5.   Standpipes (fire hoses) shall be flow and service tested as required by the Alberta Fire Code.


6.   All fire extinguishers shall be inspected at least annually.


7.   Documentation on all testing completed shall be maintained by the Maintenance Supervisor for a period of not less than three years.


8.   Principals shall develop and keep on file a fire safety plan. The fire safety plan shall be reviewed annually and revised as necessary.


9.   Principals shall conduct regular fire evacuation drills for students and maintain these records for a minimum of three years.


10.  Principals and other site managers are expected to familiarize themselves with policies and procedures, and fire code requirements and shall be aware of the following issues:

10.1      Exits and hallways must be kept clear and unobstructed by stored materials;

10.2      Furnace and boiler rooms shall not be used as storage areas and must be kept clear of all combustible materials; and

10.3      All storage rooms must be equipped with fire rated doors and heat detectors.


11.  All Division buildings shall be inspected by the local fire department at least once every three years. Where the local municipality is prepared to agree and funds are available, fire inspections shall be conducted annually.


12.  Regular fire inspections shall be ordered by the Maintenance Supervisor in consultation with the site manager. The Superintendent may direct the Maintenance Supervisor to order a fire inspection if, in the opinion of the Superintendent, an inspection is warranted.


13.  The Maintenance Supervisor shall provide an action plan to resolve outstanding issues within two weeks of receipt of a fire inspection report.


14.  Copies of fire inspections and the Maintenance Supervisor’s action plan shall be provided to the Principal/site manager and the Superintendent.


Reviewed:            January, 2012

Next Review by:  January, 2017


Legislative References:


Section 60, 61, School Act


Board Policy:


Policy 11:  Delegation


Cross Reference:


AP 530 Facilities Maintenance

AP 534 Security Systems

AP 536 WHMIS and Transportation of Dangerous Goods