Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 535

Environmental Considerations




Wild Rose School Division is committed to providing leadership in protecting the quality and integrity of the natural environment. It aims to offer educational programs which develop the understanding, ability and motivation for individuals to minimize adverse impact on the environment, and to participate effectively as citizens in environmental decision-making and policy setting. The Division operates all schools and facilities in an environmentally responsible manner, minimizing institutional impacts on the environment and facilitating environmentally responsible actions by individual users.




  1. Hazardous Waste Reduction and Safety


      The Division

1.1        Actively encourages maximum possible reductions in the amounts of hazardous waste generated by:

1.1.1     Substituting other environmentally safe products for those which are, or can become hazardous; and

1.1.2     Reducing volumes of hazardous products used for which there is no practical alternative.

1.2        Requires all personnel to meet or exceed all standards and regulations for the safe storage, handling, and disposal of any hazardous wastes, and provide suitable training to all appropriate personnel.

1.3        Discourages the use of any form of pesticides and/or herbicides in the treatment of school grounds.


2.   Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling

      The Division actively encourages less generation of solid waste by reducing consumption, re-using materials, and recycling the remaining waste wherever possible.


3.   Energy and Water Conservation

The Division makes every reasonable effort to conserve energy and water by:

3.1     Building and renovating towards energy and water efficiency in schools and buildings; and

3.2     Implementing energy and water conservation programs which are regularly monitored and reported to the Superintendent and to all participants.


4.   Environmental Purchasing

The Division makes every reasonable effort to seek out and purchase products, resources and services which have the lowest possible adverse impact on the environment.


5.   Environmental and Outdoor Education

The Division encourages environmental and outdoor education programs which lead to a high level of environmental awareness and effective environmental citizenship by:

5.1        Providing staff with professional development support for environmental understanding and skills;

5.2        Placing environmental literacy into the content and methodology of instructional programs in all divisions; and

5.3        Empowering and supporting student, parent, community and educator partnerships in developing opportunities for classroom, school, and community environmental actions.


6.   Landscaping and Wildlife Habitat

The Division promotes the retention and development of natural landscaping on Wild Rose Public Schools' property.


7.   Implementation Objectives and Plans

Objectives and action plans are developed, implemented and evaluated by schools in consultation with staff and community.




Reviewed:            January, 2012

Next Review by:  January, 2017



Legislative References:


Section 60, 61, School Act


Board Policy:


Policy 11:  Delegation


Cross Reference:


AP 530 Facilities Maintenance

AP 536 WHMIS and Transportation of Dangerous Goods