Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 540

Community Use of School Facilities and Grounds




Wild Rose School Division encourages the use of school facilities by community and other groups under written Joint Use Agreements where such use does not interfere with the operation of the school or its programs. Responsibility for approving school use and administering these procedures is that of the Principal or designate.





1.   The requirement of the facility by the school for whatever reason shall take precedence over any agreement to use by the community or outside agency.


2.   The following are the priorities for the use of school facilities:

2.1        School use;

2.2        Adult or further education;

2.3        Cultural and/or recreational events;

2.4        Clubs or organizations that provide service to children;

2.5        Religious groups; and

2.6        Commercial enterprises.


3.   The use of facilities for commercial functions will be discouraged if other, suitable community facilities are available for rent.


4.   Memorial/funeral services shall not be scheduled on school premises during regular school hours.


5.   Alcohol shall not be served during Division activities on school or other Division premises.  There will be no alcohol or tobacco products sold, consumed or otherwise used in the school facilities or on all school grounds with the exception of theMaxTheatreattached toFrankMaddockHigh SchoolinDraytonValleywhich permits the sale of alcohol by way of permit. 


6.   There shall be no charge for the use of school facilities by School Councils, school reunions, homecomings.




1.   Applications for the use of school facilities shall be made at least one week ahead of the intended date, on the form approved for that purpose.


2.   Application may be made through the School, Recreation Board or Divisional Office, as appropriate to the community.


3.   Payment shall be made at the time of application.


4.   The school account shall be debited for any costs associated with the rental of facilities (additional caretaker salaries, etc.), whether or not a fee is levied.


5.   The Principal may approve:

5.1     Use of facilities at no cost to the user; or

5.2     Use in accordance with the schedule below.


Schedule of Fees

Rate 1      There is no admission fee, charge or other contribution required for attendance or participation and/or the event is staged for charitable purposes.

Rate 2      An admission fee is required, or collection taken.

Rate 3      An admission fee is charged, 50% or more of which goes out of the community or catchment area of the school.


Fees are determined annually during the budget process.  See Fee Schedule of Fees for current fees.


General Conditions


1.   Any damage beyond normal wear and tear shall be charged to the organization concerned.


2.   The organization concerned shall provide proper supervision to safeguard school property, and see that all safety rules and regulations of the Division and theProvinceofAlbertaare observed.


3.   Caretakers shall be responsible for providing access at the times specified on the application. They must ensure that the group has left the building before leaving for the night.


4.   Individuals from the organization/groups using the facility shall be confined to the areas booked. These individuals do not have open access to other areas in the school.


5.   Industrial Arts, home economics, business education and science classrooms as well as any other rooms containing non-portable equipment and apparatus will not be rented for non-instructional purposes. These rooms may only be used for approved instruction in courses for which the rooms were designed and/or equipped.


6.   Should the facility be left in an unsatisfactory condition following its use by any group, the matter shall be reported immediately, with full particulars, to the Principal, who will take appropriate steps to remedy the situation. These may include:

6.1     Denial of future use to the group, and/or

6.2     Assessment of additional clean-up fees.



Revised:              December, 2008

Reviewed:           January, 2012

Next Review by:  January, 2017



Legislative References:


Section 60, 61, School Act


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Policy 11:  Delegation


Cross Reference:


AP 460 Smoke Free Environment

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Crisis Response Manual (Fall 2006)