Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 541

Use of Division Owned Property




Wild Rose School Division maintains property to facilitate the instruction of students and for the efficient operation of the school system.  Property of the Division is not intended to provide service to individuals, groups or organizations, to compete with existing businesses, or to provide service for business or commercial purposes except as provided for in this procedure.



1.   A principal may loan out/rent school equipment for teacher or community use, providing application has been made on the appropriate form (see Forms Manual).

2.   Audiovisual equipment may be made available to the community through the Instructional Media Centre (IMC) provided application has been made on the appropriate form.  An appropriate fee, as determined by the IMC will be levied for this purpose.  (See Schedule of Fees)

  1. Printing, duplication, laminating, and fax services shall not be available to the public except in the operation of schools or the Division, or as approved by the Principal or the Division Education Centre administrator.
  2. In the case of doubt of the appropriateness of a request for use of Division-owned property, requests should be referred to the Superintendent or designate.


Reviewed:           January, 2012

Next Review by:  January, 2017


Legislative References:


Section 60, 61, School Act


Board Policy:


Policy 11:  Delegation


Cross Reference:


AP 539 Playground Equipment