Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 543

School Anniversary Celebrations




Wild Rose School Division recognizes and supports activities highlighting significant milestones in the history of Division schools, which may involve present and former students, present and former staff members, and others in the general school community.



Within the aforementioned context, the Division encourages formal Anniversary celebrations, which may take place and carried out in recognition of a school as an educational facility in the community.  These celebrations may take place to recognize, from an historical perspective, the social and educational value of the specific school and shall be organized and conducted within the conditions of this policy. Formal celebrations are restricted to the 50th, 75, 100th and 125th anniversaries of any specific school or active school site.




  1. The principal shall form a committee for the purpose of designing an appropriate school anniversary event.

1.1          The committee may have representation from the community at large, school administration, the local teaching staff, parents, the students.

1.1.1           The community at large may include representation from historical societies, senior citizens, or groups who may have an interest in being represented.

1.1.2           Each representative group shall be limited to a maximum of two members.

1.2          Formal/informal anniversary celebration events shall be coordinated and conducted by the Coordinating Committee and its sub-committees using up to .5 instructional days upon advance application and approval of the Superintendent and that such time does not reduce instructional time below the provincial minimum.


  1. The Superintendent shall determine the person to officiate at the ceremony.


  1. A plaque shall be designed indicating:

3.1          School name

3.2          Date of ceremony

3.3          Name of person officiating at the ceremony

3.4          Names of all members of the Board at the date of the ceremony

3.5          Names of the principal and Superintendent.


  1. The plaque shall be purchased by the Division and available at the school and installed permanently in the school on the date of the ceremony.


  1. Invitations to attend the anniversary ceremony shall be in the form of a letter from the Board Chair and shall include the following and their spouse/partner:

5.1          Current and former trustees

5.2          Current and former staff

5.3          Current and former School Council members

5.4          MP, MLA, Councilors, and senior administrative officials of the municipality

5.5          News media

5.6          Guests as designated by the principal of the school.


6. The school board recognizes the importance of formal anniversary celebrations and    acknowledges that these activities serve to strengthen school-community relationship. In consideration of the above observations, the school board may assist those schools planning a formal anniversary celebration with an initial funding grant.


7. The principal of the school shall arrange a program for the anniversary ceremony. Division protocol, as outlined in Administrative Procedure 160, is to be followed.



Reviewed:             September, 2012

Next Review by:    September, 2017


Legislative References:


Section 60, 61, 113 School Act


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Policy 11:  Delegation


Cross Reference:


AP 160 Trustee Recognition