Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedure 550

Student Transportation Services




Wild Rose School Division has a statutory responsibility to arrange for the transportation of all eligible resident students to and from schools under its jurisdiction or to other school authorities.  Various modes of transportation of students are recognized and accepted.



Duties and Responsibilities of the Wild Rose School Division:


1.      The Division shall establish attendance boundaries for schools as necessary, taking into account geography, demographics and educational programming needs.  Students residing within these attendance boundaries are directed to attend the related school.


2.      The Division shall provide transportation of grant-eligible students to the schools to which they have been directed.


3.      The Division may grant transportation of a student under the jurisdiction of another school authority.  The terms of this transportation shall be documented by way of a transportation agreement.


Duties and responsibilities of the Principal:


1.      The Principal shall ensure that bus loading zones at the school are adequately supervised during bus loading and drop-off times.


2.      The Principal shall establish school opening and closing times in consultation with the Manager of Transportation Services.


3.      The Principal or designate shall notify bus drivers when children have been taken from school during the day or when parents have given them notification that they will be picking up their children after school.


4.      Only a principal may suspend a student from riding the school bus, with attention to due process and in accordance with the School Act.


5.      The principal is ultimately responsible for student discipline on the school bus.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Manager of Transportation Services:


1.      The Manager of Transportation Services is responsible for the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of all student transportation within the division.


2.      The Manager of Transportation Services shall ensure school bus operations are in accordance with all relevant laws, regulations, rules, policies and administrative procedures.


Duties and Responsibilities of the School Bus Driver:


1.      School bus drivers are responsible for transporting students safely from their residence to school and back again.  When in doubt regarding proper procedure, the safety of students shall be of paramount importance.


2.      Bus drivers shall comply in all respects with the Wild Rose School Division Bus Driver Handbook in the operation of their vehicles.


3.      The duties and job description of bus drivers shall be documented in the Bus Driver Handbook.


4.      In the event there is a discrepancy between the Bus Driver Handbook and the contract terms for contract operators, it is the responsibility of the contractor or driver to bring the discrepancy to the attention of the Manager of Transportation Services.




1.      Members of the public or community organizations shall not be given authorization to use Division buses.  The sole exception to this shall be the use of buses in municipal disaster relief work as outlined in the Disaster Services Plan.  Vehicles purchased by schools may be used by outside individuals or organizations under certain circumstances.




All School busses, whether owned or contracted shall have printed on the side of each bus “Wild Rose Public Schools”.  The appropriate unit or route number will be displayed in black numerals on a white background on four corners of the bus and beside the entry door.




In the event of a small group where a school bus is not warranted, a private vehicle may be used, as outlined in Administrative Procedure 551 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles.


On all extra-curricular trips there shall be an approved adult designated as a supervisor.  There may also be a reasonable number of teachers/adults as additional supervisors.


The driver shall be provided with a list of all people being transported.  This list, prepared by the field trip supervisor, shall include the name of the driver, supervisors, and students.  One copy of the list shall be left with the Principal, and one placed in the bus prior to leaving on the trip.


In the event of inclement weather or mechanical problems with the bus, it shall be the decision of the driver to proceed or return.  In situations where the bus cannot proceed or return, the driver or the supervisor shall advise the Manager of Transportation Services, and Principal so that appropriate provisions can be made.


All Extra-Curricular trips involving Divisional School Busses, Regular or Spare Divisional Drivers shall be booked through the Transportation Office.  The Transportation Office will assign drivers when Divisional busses are involved.  Requests shall be in the Transportation office at least ten (10) days prior to the planned departure date.




Transportation of school children may also be provided as per the following:


1.      “Taxi” Service – This refers to a student traveling on a bus other than that they would normally travel on, on an occasional basis.


2.      The decision whether or not to transport will be based on space availability on the bus.  The decision is that of the driver.


3.      Space availability shall be determined by the number of students that are registered on or regularly ride on a given bus.


4.      Busses picking up in-town students in the towns of Rocky Mountain House and Drayton Valley are not eligible to provide “taxi” service.


5.      In order to access “taxi” service, the driver must be provided with a note in advance (at least half a day).  This will avoid situations where a student may think there is room, when in reality, there is not.  It will also allow the student to make alternative arrangements, if necessary.


6.      Routes shall not be changed to accommodate “taxi” students.


7.      Students wishing to get off a bus at a stop other than their regular stop or place of residence must provide a note to the driver authorizing it.



Reviewed:               December, 2011

Next Review by:      December, 2016


Legislative References:


School Act Section 24, 60, 61, 62

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Board Policy:


Policy 11 Delegation


Cross Reference:


AP 131 Emergency School Closures

AP 132 Inclement Weather

AP 551 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles