Board Policies

Policy 5

Role of the Board Chair


  1. Ensure that the Board operates in accordance with its own policies and procedures.

  2. Prior to each Board meeting, confer with the Vice-Chair, the Superintendent and/or designate on the items to be included on the agenda, the order of these items and become thoroughly familiar with them.

  3. Call and preside over all regular and special meetings of the Board.

  4. Perform the following duties during Board meetings:
    1. Ensure that all issues before the Board are well stated and clearly Expressed.
    2. Ensure that each trustee has a full and fair opportunity to be heard and understood by the other members of the Board in order that collective opinion can be developed and a corporate decision reached.
    3. Direct the discussion by trustees to the topic being considered by the Board.
    4. Ensure that each trustee present votes on all issues before the Board.
    5. Extend hospitality to trustees, guests of the Board, the press, and members of the public.

  5. Conduct meetings in accordance with provincial legislation and with the rules and procedures established by the Board and where those are silent, Robert’s Rules of Order.

  6. Act as the chief spokesperson for the Board except for those instances where the Board Chair has delegated this role to another individual or group.

  7. Represent the Board, or arrange alternative representation, at official meetings or presentations inside and outside of the Division.

  8. Ensure effective, efficient and appropriate communication amongst trustees and with the Superintendent.
  9. Act as ex officio member of all Board committees.

  10. Ensure that the Board engages in regular assessments of its effectiveness as a Board.

  11. Assist with the Board’s orientation program for trustees.

  12. Convey directly to the Superintendent such concerns as are related to him/her by trustees, parents or students that may affect the administration of the Division.

  13. Review and approve the Superintendent’s vacation entitlement, expenditure claims, and sick leave.

  14. Bring to the Board all matters requiring a corporate decision of the Board.

  15. Act as a signing authority for Board minutes.

  16. Act as a signing authority for the Division as follows:
    1. As required by the Government of Alberta.
    2. Changes to Utility Purchasing Consortia agreements.
    3. As required by financial institutions.

  17. Address inappropriate behaviour on the part of a Trustee. (See Policy 4, Appendix A)

Revised: November 29, 2012, March 19, 2008, June 21, 2016

Reference: Section 60, 61, 62, 65, School Act