Board Policies

Policy 10

Policy Making



Policies constitute the will of the Board in determining how the Division will be operated by setting out the purposes of the Division and creating a framework within which the administration can discharge its duties with positive direction Policies provide effective direction and guidelines for the action of the Board, superintendent, staff, students, electors and other agencies. Policy is a key responsibility of the Board in its efforts to ensure effective governance of the Division.


The Board will establish and maintain for the Division a body of policies that may include specific beliefs, goals, and purposes, assign responsibility or authority, describe major processes for the operation of the Board and the Division, and provide general guides for action.


The Board shall adhere to the following stages in its approach to policy making:

1.      Planning

The Board and/or the Superintendent shall assess the need for a policy, as a result of monitoring activities or on the suggestion of others, and identify the critical attributes of each policy to be developed.

2.      Development

The Superintendent is responsible for bringing to the Board a first draft of the policy for its consideration. The process for the development and review of policies should allow for the participation of interested and concerned groups and individuals as appropriate to their circumstances.

3.      Implementation

The Board is responsible for the implementation of policies governing its own processes. The Board and Superintendent share the responsibility for implementation of policies relating to the Board-Superintendent relationship. The Superintendent is responsible for the implementation of all other policies.

4.      Evaluation

Each year, the Board, in cooperation with the Superintendent, shall evaluate each policy to determine whether or not it is meeting its intended purpose. This review process shall occur through inclusion as an agenda item at each regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting.



1.      Suggestions for policy development or revision may be initiated by any individual or group and may be brought forward by either the Board or the Superintendent.

2.      The Board will review the suggestions for policy development/revision, and, if they accept the need, direct the Superintendent to facilitate the development of a draft policy/revision. Where circumstances warrant, the Board reserves the right to introduce an "interim policy" while the normal policy development process takes place.

3.      The Superintendent will present the draft to the Board for review.

4.      The revised draft shall be circulated to stakeholders for their reaction for a period of not less than 28 days.

5.      The Board will review the policy, including recommendations from stakeholders, and make the modifications that it deems appropriate.

6.      The policy will be adopted by resolution at a regular meeting of the Board.

7.      The Board may request the Superintendent to change an administrative procedure to a draft policy, and will provide the rationale for such request.

8.      The Board my direct the Superintendent to change a Board policy to an administrative procedure.


Revised:                         November 29, 2012

Reference:                      Section 60, 61, School Act