Board Policies

Policy 16

Establishment, Expansion and Reduction of Programs


The  Board  believes  that  the  educational  needs  of  its  constituents  are  best  served  through  the consideration of orderly and systematic guidelines for the establishment, expansion and reduction of programs in its schools. To this end, the following guidelines are established.



1.      This policy will operate in conjunction with Policy 15 – School Closures.

2.      Requests with respect to the establishment, expansion or reduction of programs shall be submitted in writing to the Superintendent of Schools. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to bring this to the Board's attention, and to make recommendations to the Board in this regard.

3.      Recommendations shall be presented to the Board no later than the first Board meeting in February preceding the school year for which the change is proposed, in order that adequate consultation may take place.

4.      The Board shall consult with all affected parties prior to any decision being made. These include parents and staff of the schools in question.

5.      The availability of staff, space and other resources, or the Board's ability to provide the same, may be a major factor in determining the feasibility of the recommendations in addition to the enrollment factors.

6.      Notwithstanding the provisions of the School Closures policy, the School Board will consider the establishment, expansion or reduction of a program subject to the following:

6.1     There  is  a  recommendation  to  do  so  from  the  school,  its  School  Council  or  the

Superintendent of Schools.

7.      The School Board may consider establishment of  schools, program expansion, or reduction by grade, by division (grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12), or by three consecutive grades. All such program alterations shall be in accordance with the requirements of the School Act.

8.      The Board reserves its right to waive any or all  of the above guidelines where circumstances warrant and/or the program needs justify it (e.g. second language programs, fine arts, etc.), but in so doing shall act reasonably.



For the purpose of this policy, "program" refers to:

a)      An entire school program meeting the requirement of the School Act and Alberta Learning for the operation of a school;

b)      A section of a school as above (e.g. kindergarten, elementary, junior high, senior high); or c)         A specialized optional program within a school.

Reference:                           Section 60, School Act

Cross Reference:                 Policy 15 School Closures