Board Policies

Policy 18

Health Promoting Learning and Working Environments



The Board accepts the fundamental principle that a healthy environment is integral to a better quality of life.  Accordingly, the Board is committed to ensuring that, as an organization, the Division understands practices, promotes, and supports the health and well-being of its students and employees through the creation of healthy learning and working environments.


The Board believes that the quality of student learning and the quality of student health are interdependent.  Educational research supports this connection and acknowledges the school system's role in creating and supporting healthy school communities as foundations for optimal learning.  Accordingly, the Board expects each school to include a "healthy learning communities" strategy as part of its yearly planning and reporting.

The Board also believes a positive correlation exists between the provision of a safe and healthy working environment, the overall health of its employees, and the realization of its objectives for students.  Accordingly, the Board will include a "healthy working environment" strategy as part of its yearly planning and reporting.

The Board expects planning, at both the school and Division levels, to address the areas of:

  1. Physical Well-being:

a)  Healthy eating - promoting healthy food choices and healthy attitudes about food

b)  Active living - develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to lead an healthy, active lifestyle

  1. Mental and Emotional well-being:

a)  Emotional well-being - acknowledging, understanding, managing, and expressing thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner; develop a strong sense of self

b)  Spiritual well-being - living in a principled manner guided by beliefs and values

c)  Positive social environment - building a predictable and safe environment, relating positively and respectfully to others, supporting a strong sense of belonging and connection

Finally, the Board supports a consultative process with employee and stakeholder groups to seek input, advice, and support in the development and implementation of health and wellness programs and initiatives.

New Policy: November 26, 2013