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Canadian Musicians Join Drayton Valley Students

Imagine being given the opportunity to create music with world renowned musicians; this dream became reality for our students as they participated in this incredible educational experience.

Visiting from Nova Scotia, Keith Mullins and Colin Grant collaborated with students at Eldorado Elementary, H.W. Pickup and Aurora Elementary in Drayton Valley.

Keith Mullins is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia who earned a degree in classical music. His studies include learning from master drummers in West Africa and Cuba, and his musical tours have taken him all over the world. Keith’s passion for the art of music shines through, from inception to performance.

Colin Grant is at the forefront of the Cape Breton fiddle scene. He was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award and he performs at festivals around the world, including France, Belgium and Tasmania.

Jessica Lepitzki, teacher at H.W. Pickup, says “This is an awesome opportunity for students to interact with contemporary Canadian musicians. Music of Canada is a module of study in the junior high general music programming, particularly songs that represent our Canadian heritage. Keith and Colin broke down traditional jigs and reels for the students to listen to and dance to as well as some of their own arrangements - bridging music history and contemporary music appreciation. What makes this presentation especially unique is the way that Keith draws out the musicians in the group by inviting them forward to play. Rather than being a passive audience they are able to embed themselves in the music production.”

Sharing a deep sense of pride in Canadian culture and music, Keith Mullins and Colin Grant brought this educational experience to life with incredible energy and interaction, proving that Canada’s rich heritage is truly a celebration of ourselves.

Photo and article by: Ashley Gaehring

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