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Creative Collaboration by WRSD Students

Humankind has long been intrigued by the monsters that may lurk in the dark.  Together, grade 1 students from Lochearn Elementary and grade 9 students from West Central High School brought these monsters into the light.

Inspired by Amanda Noll‘s I Need My Monster, grade 1 students directed grade 9 students to artistically create the monsters they envisioned in their minds.  This collaboration engaged both groups of students in creativity, and encouraged effective communication skills.

Stephanie Van Steenis, grade 1 teacher at Lochearn Elementary, believes that this collaboration will teach her students how to be powerful speakers and help them to develop strong listening skills.  She knows there is substantial value in this project as the students get to be creative, seeing themselves as authors and illustrators.

West Central High School teacher, Crystal Stang, says “This project is especially meaningful because from experience and connection, we will be using imagination to develop the monster.  The grade 9 students will have to listen carefully and ask questions to get a good mental picture of what the grade 1 students visualize and bring this mental image to realization”.

On November 6th, these mental images came to realization as the grade 9 artists delivered their works to the grade 1 classroom.  The room came alive with energy, wonder, amusement and pride. Working together, our students were able to conjure up monsters from the deepest depths of their imaginations and expose these creatures to the bright light of day.

Photo and article by: Ashley Gaehring

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