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Lochearn Elementary Visits Aspen Ranch

On a crisp morning among the changing autumn leaves, grade 4 students from Lochearn Elementary traveled to the beautiful Aspen Ranch to participate in a unique educational experience.

Aspen Ranch is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Sundre, Alberta.  This facility is known for its incredible educational programs including Wetland Studies, Riparian Area Encounters, Ecosystem Awareness, and Outdoor Education Experiences.

Teachers Ryan Doan and Erin Austad speak highly of the programming at Aspen Ranch and its benefit to students:  “This field trip teaches the students about agricultural awareness, environmental stewardship, and farm safety.  We have many farms in our area, along with being so close to the back country, and it is important for our students to be aware of safety precautions when they are on farmland and out camping, quading, etc.  The health curriculum in grade 4 talks about potentially dangerous situations and recognizing hazards. This trip gives an opportunity to recognize and see dangerous situations without the danger of being in them.  This field trip also promotes team building in our classroom communities early on in the school year. Going to Aspen Ranch is also a nice connection to another farm tour that our grade 4 students will do in the spring.”

Student Bianca Hutton enjoyed learning about the animals at Aspen Ranch, and was very interested in the antique farm equipment displays.  Bianca described the day as “pretty cool” and hopes to visit again in the future.

By encouraging our students to become stewards of our environment, they are granted the knowledge and awareness to become active and engaged citizens.

Photo and article by: Ashley Gaehring

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