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WE Day Empowers WRSD Students

If you’ve ever asked yourself “How can I make a difference in this world?” the WE movement offers the tools to take action and transform lives.

WE Day is the manifestation of the WE movement, which begins with WE Schools – a unique and engaging program designed to spark passion for change in students.  The program gives young people an understanding of how to make a difference in their own community and on a global scale.

This year, students from 8 schools in WRSD attended WE Day in Edmonton, Alberta.  Tickets to this unparalleled event are not available for purchase, but instead must be earned through positive actions.  Standing together in a stadium packed with 16,000 change-makers affirms that a better world is within our reach.

Students were given the opportunity to listen to world-renowned speakers, watch A-list performers and engage with thousands of like-minded youth to celebrate their transformative actions over the past year.

Grade 7 teacher at Leslieville School, Jennifer Engen, says “WE Day is a wonderful and rewarding experience for students! WE Day inspires students to do good locally and globally.  WE Day keeps a student’s momentum going towards being an active participant in making change for others in such ways as education, clean water, bullying or whatever else inspires them!”

David Thompson High School student Baillie Burns has been attending WE Day for the past 6 years.  She says, “WE Day is an event where all people are treated equally” and she appreciates that the movement inspires ordinary people to make extraordinary changes in their community and in our world.

For more information on the WE movement, please visit

Photo and article by: Ashley Gaehring


Susan R Gaehring


What a wonderful experience for all attendees! something positive in a world that is so negative right now...

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