2019-2020 WRSD School Year Calendar

January 11

The development of a school year calendar in no easy task. WRSD shares communities and bussing with both STAR Catholic School Division and Red Deer Catholic School Division and our borders touch seven other school divisions. The interests and needs of students, teachers, parents and the community are all taken into consideration when balancing calendar decisions between educational and family needs, preferences and values.


The draft calendar is available here, noting the tabs on the bottom for the North and South calendars.


It was also developed with consideration of the feedback from previous calendars and the survey that was put out to the public in January of 2016.


To provide feedback, please use the form available here. Feedback will be accepted up to Feb. 8, 2019.

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Lyle Banack said on January 21, 2019

The move from a fixed spring break with the last Monday as part of the break to the Easter break is not a good change. For families with fixed dates for say timeshares, it totally messes those up. Note, I do not have that. Consistency is the key and should be followed. We would love it if our convention dates were with the family day weekend occasionally, but they are always fixed. So should the spring break. It allows family to plan in advance with some confidence. As for the diploma exams during that time, I don't think any of our schools write them during that time so it should not be an issue.