Further Testing Reveals Evergreen Elementary Repairs Very Risky

June 12

After further structural and soil testing and an investigation into the crawlspace air quality, Alberta Education and Alberta Infrastructure have determined the Evergreen School Modernization & Crawlspace Remediation repairs may require additional funding. Additional funding may be required due to the substantial construction challenges and increased costs associated with the modernization. This puts the project at a high risk to move forward at its current scope.

As a contingent option, Alberta Education has requested Wild Rose School Division to submit alternative proposals for the replacement of the Evergreen School Modernization Project. New proposals will be required to follow the same funding parameters as the original school modernization approval of an estimated nine million dollars.

“This news was very unexpected and is a sad turn of events for Evergreen Elementary,” stated Chair, Russ Hickman. “We will now work closely with the community of Drayton Valley to ensure their needs are best met.”

The Wild Rose School Division Board of Trustees will discuss possible options for the reallocation of these funds at their June 20 board meeting, which will then be submitted to Alberta Education. Our goal is to ensure these funds are used to increase the condition and enrollment capacity of our schools in Drayton Valley.

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Janice Fedorus said on June 12, 2017

Our family has lived in D.V. for 36 years. When our youngest child was in grade 6 she spent that year at FMHS while a lot of money was spent on 'fixing' Evergreen School. Fixing again is not a good idea.

Linsey Romanchuk said on June 13, 2017

But not fixing and NOT rebuilding is not a good idea. I want to know. With the existing schools filled to capacity in what was supposed to be a temporary plan, what are we going to do with the increased kids coming up? What are we going to do with new kids coming into town when our economy picks up? Eldorado is barely holding itself together as it is. Years more wear is not going to help. Drayton needs a new school one without mold, structural issues, and adequate space. Our kids derserve a safe learning environment. They are what matters. And where did these numbers come from? The numbers we were told at the outset of this was 15 million to fix, 21 million to build. How can we only be talking 9 million now?? It's not like this is a surprise- for years people have said that Evergreen has had major issues. So no surprise that it is suddenly not worth fixing. But our kids are not worthless. Their health is not worthless. Our community is not worthless and deserves a healthy and not bursting at the seams school. I think this all needs better transparency.

Rhonda Wasylowich said on June 13, 2017

Why not build a new school on the same property? Use the 9 million towards it. Why not build the 750 - 800 student school that we all thought was a great proposal 5/6 years ago. Amalagamate Evergreen/Eldorado & DCS in a separate wing. Build a shared gym between & have a Day Care as well on site. Then when complete sell the Eldorado/DCS property that's prime real-estate. This makes less transfers from the bus hub as well.

Steve Goodman said on June 14, 2017

I've seen this coming ever since they announced that the school needed major repairs. This is a way for the school board to stick it to Drayton Valley. It never made sense to me to fix the school when it is in that bad of shape. Spend the extra 5 million and build a new school. I would also like to know where the figure of 9 million came from? The numbers parents were told were 16 million to fix and 21 million to build a new school. This whole thing was a scam to close the school completely and jam as many students into classes in our existing schools. Maybe you can take that "nine million dollars" and invest it into your flagship schools in Rocky Mountain House?

Robyn said on June 30, 2017
In your own News bulletin, the modernization was put IN PRINT at an estimated 15 million dollars. Where does the figure of 9 million dollars come into play? Are Alberta Infrastructure and this school board so bad at new math and guesstimation that they've lost the other 6 million dollars that was to be allocated?

Wild Rose School Division said on July 5, 2017

The total cost we have referenced in the past is the total estimated cost for the project with over 20 years of maintenance overhead included. The construction cost is around $9M.