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Summer Google School

Summer Google School

Summer School for Grade 9-11 students! The course must be done by July 12 to get the chromebook.

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***If you have taken the course before and finished it you are not eligible to take it again, you can finish if you started and didn't get done last year!***

When? The class will start Monday June 17with a welcome email and google classroom invite
The course must be done by July 12 to get the chromebook.  

Must be currently in grade 10 or 11 or finishing grade 9, so current grade 8's are not eligible

If you are looking for Summer CALM - sign up is here for grades 10 & 11:

The course is about how to use Google. You will learn searching, email, docs, slides, spreadsheets, online safety, credible sources and the cloud.

The credits you earn are:

  • INF 1030 Word Processing 1
  • COM 1910 Project - Online Sources & Safety
  • INF 1060 Spreadsheets 1
  • INF 1070 Digital Presentations 1
  • INF 1910 Project - The Cloud
  • COM 1255 E Learning and Learning Management Systems

The course is optional, but you earn 6 high school credits! If students complete part of the course they can earn partial credits, but no chromebook.

All teachers will be WRSD teachers from throughout the division. You can email if you have questions.