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To support our students, our schools must be able to address health and wellness. Our staff provides learning environments where wellness is an essential foundation to the division’s core mission of improving life chances for all. Wellness in WRSD isn’t just an occasional health lesson or physical education class it is part of math, science, lunch and everything in-between.

This comprehensive school health approach supports healthy school communities through the following components:

  • Social and physical environment
  • Teaching and learning
  • Policy
  • Partnerships and services

Healthy Children are Better Learners

Healthy school environments help students succeed academically and prepare youth to make healthy choices as adults.

Healthy children and youth

  • have better attendance
  • Have better concentration
  • Participate fully in learning
  • Perform better in school
  • Become lifelong learners

Educated children and youth

  • Are sick less often
  • Lead healthier lifestyles
  • Become proactive about health
  • Become healthier role models
  • Enjoy a greater quality of life

We have heard from our communities in recent surveys that, “This initiative has helped provide support to youth and their families in crisis and pre-crisis situations. It gets the help to where it is needed.”

The strength of our school learning environments can be seen in:

  • Our breakfast program
  • Family Wellness Workers
  • Having daily physical education
  • Allowing students opportunities to be part of the community
  • Teachers that are truly invested in kids’ lives

Staff - Healthy Connected Members of the School Community create the networks necessary to support students throughout their learning experiences.

Community - Having Collaborative relationships with community support “experts” that support the school and students reach their goals.

Home - Provide supports and resources necessary for families to support successful students.


For more information or if you have any questions on Wellness please contact our Director of Wellness & Human Services, Darlene Ferris.

For more information about general school health in Breton, Drayton Valley and surrounding area please contact School Health Facilitator and WRSD Contact, Jessica Doucette at 780-514-7234 or

For more information about general school health in Caroline, Condor, Leslieville, Rocky Mountain House and surrounding area please contact School Health Facilitator, Robyn Mcbride at 403-746-4017, Cell: 403-846-2009 or