Drayton Valley Schools Public Meeting November 1, 2018

October 2

Wild Rose School Division is in the process of building a replacement school for Evergreen Elementary in Drayton Valley. We are currently very close to completing the planning stage of this project with Alberta Education, Alberta Infrastructure and ONPA Architects. The new school is on schedule for completion by January 2021.

Prior to its opening, Wild Rose School Division trustees need to make some decisions regarding the new school as well as some of our other schools in Drayton Valley. Due to Alberta Education requirements regarding utilization rates, we know that Frank Maddock High School will continue to offer instruction to all of our grade 9 to 12 students in the region. This means H.W. Pickup will continue to be a middle school. However, it is likely that we will not have enough space in the future to offer instruction to all students from grades 5 to 8. As such, H.W. Pickup may need to become a grade 6 to 8 school. Drayton Christian School is an alternative program of choice that will continue to offer instruction to students in grades K-9. Drayton Valley Community Outreach School will continue to offer high school instruction in a non-traditional and flexible learning environment that is personalized to individual student needs.


The main decision left is what grades should be offered at Aurora Elementary (483 students max), Eldorado Elementary (200 students max after older modulars are removed) and the new Evergreen Elementary (250 students max):

  • Should each school have just 2 grade levels i.e.) a grade K-1 school, a grade 2-3 school and a grade 4-5 school?
  • Or, should all 3 elementary schools consist of grades K-5 and if so should we develop attendance boundaries that will determine which school students are assigned to based on where they live?
  • Or should it be some combination of the above two scenarios?
  • Should the new Evergreen School have a new name?
  • Should WRSD consider offering any kind of special or unique programing in one or more of its schools in Drayton Valley?

Before the Board of Trustees makes these important decisions, we would like to host a public meeting in order to get feedback from the school community. There will be two components to this meeting: (1) A thorough discussion of the above issues and time for questions from the public and (2) A survey where members of the public can submit their thoughts and view the thoughts of others on these issues. You will be able to use your mobile device to participate in the survey portion of the meeting.

This public meeting will be held on November 1, 2018 at the Max Center in Drayton Valley starting at 7:00pm. We look forward to the very important conversations that will take place and will assist Wild Rose School Division with their decision making process regarding our schools in Drayton Valley.

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Pamela Schaub said on October 2, 2018

A reply to my comment is not necessary! Each school needs to remain the same from K to 5 for consistency as children need routines to manage their day and to feel safe in a learning environment. A mixture of children from various boundaries is necessary to keep the quality of education being delivered to students.

Bring back music, drama and art to all levels of education.

Let the new school remain being called Evergreen School.

Jackie Greenlee said on October 2, 2018

I like the idea of having 2 grades in each school. We will then have all students in each grade getting the same opportunities. For example all grade 3 students in Drayton Valley will get exactly the same education and extra curricular activities rather than having it depend on which school they go to. I also think it will be a great opportunity for teachers to team teach and share ideas when they are all under one roof. Each school can be tailored to the grades they teach rather than being generic because they have 4 or 5 grades to cater to.

Brittany said on October 2, 2018

Having schools only host 2 grade levels will increase a challenge for families with multiple children of different ages. They will need to go to 2 or more schools everyday after school just to pick their children up. Not to mention if there is a school you do not want your child attending you no longer have a say as your child needs to attend each school to complete all grades. Personally i would rather move from the drayton area or home school my children then have schools that only host 2 grade levels.

D Hanson said on October 3, 2018

Would you consider keeping Div 1 students (K-3) at Aurora and Eldorado and place grades 4-5 at the new school?

Terra said on October 4, 2018

With 200 kids at one school, 250 kids at another, and over 500 kids in the last school what came up the grades so certain grades go to certain School will not be ideal. Not to mention the idea of parents needing to drive to three different schools to pick up their children, or certain children being able to walk but unable to walk because of how young they are and needing an older sibling to walk with them will no longer be an option. Also, with how small our our community is, there is no need to have boundaries set up. Our community is small enough that no matter where you are you you are able to get your kids to school.

Having to change schools every two years can be detrimental to the early learning stages if many children, especially those with high anxiety or other challenges.

Overall, I cannot see the advantage of having each school set up by grade level for elementary students.