2018-19 School Calendar

January 23

The 2018-19 School Year Calendar has been approved by the WRSD Board of Trustees. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

Background information on this draft calendar:

  • Non-instructional means that students do not attend those days. Staff will be working on professional learning, organizational tasks and working through the Collaborative Response Model for students.
  • K-9 students have two additional non-instructional days (than grades 10-12). Fewer hours are required for these grades and all grades will still fall within the required instructional time. The dates chosen for these are October 18 (which coincides with the Christian Teachers convention that both DCS and RCS will be attending) and June 27, during the high school exam week.
  • There are slight differences between the ‘north’ (DV & Breton) and the ‘south’ (RMH, Caroline & Corridor). Please note the tabs at the bottom of the calendar to choose north or south.
    • Teachers conventions continue to be different (locations and times)
    • There are a few non-instructional days that differ between the regions.

The calendar can be accessed here.

Feedback was collected until February 14, 2018 - Thank you for everyone who submitted the Feedback Form.

If you have specific questions regarding the calendar, please feel free to contact Greg Wedman at or 403-845-3376.

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