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Wild Rose School Division Re-Entry Update

The past 3 months have been extremely challenging for our students, parents and staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has been forced to adjust very quickly to new ways of teaching, learning and communicating. Thank you to everyone for your part in supporting our children and youth in terms of their ongoing learning and overall wellness during this time.

The re-entry plan for Wild Rose School Division will be based on direction from Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services. The provincial government has provided three possible scenarios for the start of the 2020-21 school year:

  • Scenario 1: Near-normal school operations resume with students returning to daily in-school classes with some health measures.
  • Scenario 2: In-school classes resume partially with additional health measures.
  • Scenario 3: Teacher-directed at-home learning continues. Students are not at school.

On August 1 the government  will announce which scenario will be used to start the school year.

While the government anticipates scenario one will be in place for September, they have asked school divisions to be prepared for all three scenarios.

Regardless of which scenario is mandated, WRSD is committed to the following guiding principles:

  • The safety and well-being of students and staff is the top priority.
  • WRSD will follow the protocols established by Alberta Education, Alberta Health Services and the Chief Medical Officer.
  • Students and staff who are vulnerable may require individualized accommodations.
  • Students will have quality learning opportunities that are guided by Alberta Education and the provincial Programs of Study.
  • Staff will have access to the professional learning, collaboration and support needed to deliver quality learning opportunities. 
  • Parents are the primary decision-makers with respect to what they believe is in the best interest of their children.

The following general considerations are being planned for in terms of re-entry:

Scenario 1: Regular Operations

  • All students will be able to attend classes each day with some additional health measures i.e) enhanced hygiene and cleaning requirements, strict stay-at-home policy for anyone exhibiting symptoms, risk mitigation for high traffic areas of the school, and physical distancing where possible.
  • Teacher directed, at-home learning will need to continue for some students and families that may not feel comfortable returning or aren’t able to return due to health concerns. 

Scenario 2: Partial Reopening

  • In this scenario additional health measures and physical distancing requirements will be increased and may lead to limitations to the number of students in classrooms and on buses as well as the number of days each week students are able to attend. 
  • Teacher directed, at-home learning will need to continue for some students and families that may not feel comfortable returning or aren’t able to return due to health concerns. 

Scenario 3: At-Home Learning

  • In this scenario, schools would be closed to all students. Students would receive teacher directed, at home instruction, much the same as the past 3 months.
  • The number and length of assignments given each week and requirements for students to pass their courses will need to be revisited.
  • We are committed to refining our online instructional practices in order to maximize student learning.

In all three scenarios, social/emotional support for staff, students and families will be paramount.

The Wild Rose School Division Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team team are working in collaboration with the provincial government, other school jurisdictions and our school teams to come up with the best approach to the three scenarios.  Please know that all decisions will follow guidance and direction from the Chief Medical Officer of Health and Alberta Education.

We continue to be thankful for your support, patience and understanding as we move forward with our plans for re-entry into the 2020-21 school year. We miss you and look forward to seeing everyone in our schools once again in the near future.

We would like to hear from you. Please feel free to complete the following short survey - ( to provide your input on re-entry. This survey will be open until June 19.


Natasha Skeard


I'm a mom with 3 kids all in elementary school. And I would love them to go back to school full time.

Mashon family


We understand the concern of covid 19 but really hope for option 1 in the return to school. Our family greatly misses the teachers and structured learning they received. The online learning has been good but has added a new stress for all involved.

Sue Harris


I think school should be full entry come fall. My kids did not do well with the directed learning at home. My son did the work on a regular schedule and didn’t suffer too much but my daughter suffered greatly. She needs hands-on in front teaching so she suffered greatly because of it.

Corrinn Madsen


#1 Back to normal ????

Nicole Heath


I think kid’s need to return full time in the fall. Struggling through the on-line classroom is nothing but frustrating for my daughter and myself



There can not be gaps. Teachable moments are very hard to build and maintain and do not reoccur.
These moments represent one time opportunities in juvenile neurological growth.
If these critical times are missed, overall focus is quickly lost.
Delays to reversing cuts will only harm lives in ways that will cost the tax payers more in the long run.
Getting young people on the right track is paramount, not only for their future, but all of ours collectively.

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