Aurora Elementary School

Grades: K - 4

Murray Carefoot - Principal 

Kim Desmarais - Vice-Principal




3901 - 55 Ave
Drayton Valley, AB
T7A 1N9
Phone: 780-542-9355

School Education Plan



School Supply Lists


KMW & KTT Mrs. Moberg

KS-FT          Mrs Solomon

KW-FT         Mrs. Wirstiuk


Grade 1

1M              Mrs. Mayowski    1M is using the same list as 1SC and 1E

1T               Mrs. Turner

1SC             Mrs. Cain

1E               Mr. Enyedy



Grade 2

2DS            Mrs.Schmidt

2JS             Mrs. Snider

2ZC             Mrs Claffey



Grade 3     

3B               Mrs. Bailey

3P               Mrs. Perry

3R               Mrs. Rosentreter


Grade 4

4G              Mrs. Gressler

4L               Mrs. Landry

4BD            Mrs. Karlstrom (nee Barry)/Ms. Hammond
































To provide the best well-rounded education to the Aurora School community within a caring environment.






Safe & Caring

  • a place where all children feel accepted by everyone
  • a family atmosphere promoting enjoyment of learning by everyone
  • staff friendliness and high staff morale
  • clear, strong, consistent discipline procedures
  • safe, clean, facility and grounds


  • involved parents and an effective School Council
  • a broad program exposing students to a variety of learning opportunites that promote emotional, academic, social and physical well-being
  • high academic standards revolving around literacy and numeracy
  • assessment for learning emphasis
  • strong but judicious, use of technology, including Smart Boards
  • strong, collaborative school leadership
  • effective, focused Professional Learning groups
  • enrichment opportunities for students to stretch themselves usning Multiple Intelligences


  • regular recreational activities for everyone
  • regular opportunities to laugh together


Programs & Services