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April 30, 2021 Covid Update

Like much of the province, Wild Rose School Division is experiencing an increase in the number of positive COVID cases in a few of our schools. The government of Alberta has established specific thresholds for making the decision to move specific classes or entire schools from in-school learning to at-home learning for a two-week period. We have already made use of these options in schools that have met these thresholds. 

Schools that have positive cases, but do not meet these thresholds, are doing their very best to support both the students in their classroom and the students that are at home isolating. We understand and respect that there are many reasons why some students are needing to stay at home during this time.  However, it is not possible for teachers to teach both their in-school students and their isolating students at the same time during the school day. It is also not realistic for teachers to connect with all of their isolating students at the end of the school day. As such, our teachers will do their best to provide learning opportunities to their isolating students through the use of their current means of home-school communication (email, Remind, Google Classroom, etc.).  Please note, however, that these tools are not able to replace regular classroom instruction and learning.  They are temporary measures to support student learning given the current limitations and until the isolating students are able to return to class.

We are past the final quarter-date deadline for students to move permanently from in-school learning to our at-home learning program. Given there are only two months left in the school year, it is important for isolating students to return to in-school classes once their required isolation time has ended so that they can finish the school year with their regular teacher who knows what they have completed so far and what still needs to be completed in terms of school work. 

Thank you for everyone's patience and understanding during these trying times. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to continue following the public health measures that are in place and take part in the province's vaccination program. Cooperating with these strategies will get us that much closer to seeing things improve once again. Wild Rose School Division is committed to both the learning and wellbeing of all our students and staff.

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