Board Highlights - February 16, 2016

February 18

Board Meeting Delegations

  • Rotary Youth Exchange to Norway Presentation - Grade 12 student Trace Malcolm from Frank Maddock High School presented to the Board about his recent six month student exchange to Norway. He spoke about his experience with the Rotary Youth Exchange, learning differences in Norway compared to Frank Maddock High School and what he learned from the trip.
  • Drayton Christian School Society - Four members of the Drayton Christian School Society along with approximately 20 other members of the public attended the meeting to voice their concerns and comments on the new Alberta Government guidelines to Best Practices. They identified that parental rights, safety for students and religious freedom were large areas of concern and appealed to the Board to reject the guidelines.  

Out of Country Field Trips

The Board gave final approval to the following field trips:

  • Out-of-Country Field Trip - H.W. Pickup - Spokane, Washington, Bloomsday Run from April 28, 2016 to May 2, 2016
  • Out-of-Country Field Trip - West Central - Seattle, Washington from April 27, 2016 to May 2, 2016

The Board gave approval in principle to the following field trip:

  • Out-of-Country Field Trip - Caroline School - Western Europe from April 1, 2017 to April 14, 2017

Superintendent's Report

The following items were discussed in the Superintendent's Report for more information click on the link above:

  • First Nations Education Service Agreements
  • WRSD ATA Induction / Retirement Celebration
  • Eldorado School 100th Anniversary
  • Evergreen School Modular Update
  • Drayton Valley Community Outreach School Building Lease update
  • Breton SRO Position
  • Darlene Ferris, Director of Wellness presented two sessions at the Shaping the Future Conference
  • Central Alberta Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (CA RCSD)

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