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Board Highlights - October 27, 2020

School Calendar

Deputy Superintendent, Greg Wedman presented the Draft 2021-2022 WRSD Staff Calendar, with a possible change to the Christmas break.  It will be put out for feedback and brought back to the Board in November for final approval.

Policy Review

The Policy Committee presented revisions to the following policies, which were approved and will be posted for feedback for the next 30 days:

Draft Policy 2 - Role of the Board

Draft Policy 2 - Appendix A - Board Self Evaluation

Draft Policy 2 - Appendix C - Naming of Facilities

Draft Policy 20 - Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning and Working Environments

October 2020 Reports to the Board

The Board reviewed and discussed several reports this month including:  

October 2020 Accountability Pillar Results Report Summary

Draft Annual Education Results Report 2019-2020

Board Oversight & Re-Entry Measurables

2019-2020 Wellness Accountability Report

2019-2020 Technology Accountability Report

Board Meeting Location

In order to maintain covid protocols (social distancing), reduce the amount of traffic our board meetings may bring to our facilities in the North, and ensure our meetings will have the technical capability for Trustees to join electronically, the board decided to hold the remainder of this year’s board meetings at Division Office in Rocky Mountain House.

Superintendent’s Report 

  • WRSD Health and Safety Committee, Drayton Valley Critical Incidents, Student Services, McMann Family Services, Learning Services, School Sports Teams.

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