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Board Highlights - September 15, 2020

School Calendar

Deputy Superintendent, Greg Wedman presented the Draft 2021-2022 WRSD Staff Calendar, it was reviewed and approved in principle by the Board.  It will be put out for feedback and brought back to the Board at a later date for final approval.

2020 - 2021 Enrollment

The Board reviewed the current enrollment for this school year, including the number of students choosing the Teacher Directed At-Home Learning for this year.  Our current enrollment is approximately 4436 students, with 365 students enrolled in the At-Home Learning program.  This accounts for approximately 8% of our student population.  We have allocated 9.4 FTE teachers in order to provide online instruction to these students.

2019-2020 Accountability Reports

The Board heard reports in the areas of Personnel, FNMI and Transportation.

Employee Recognition

Changes to Administrative Procedure 417 - Employee Recognition will be sent out to all stakeholders for feedback this week.  This is a result of some research done to ensure our recognition is consistent with other school divisions and government employee programs.

Superintendent’s Report 

  • WRSD Re-Entry Staggered Start, Teacher Directed At-Home Learning, Government of Canada Safe Return to Class Fund, Soft Touch Review of Board OH&S COVID Related Practices, Early Learning and Pre Kindergarten, Student Services Therapy Delivery Model, AHS Community Conversation, Evergreen Elementary School Update, Condor School / David Thompson High School Update.

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