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Breton School Modernization Plan Put on Hold

With the announcement of the latest budget and the Approved School Capital Projects, the modernization of Breton High School was noticeably absent from the list. This project was approved for design funding in the 2023 budget. Planning has been underway to modernize Breton High School to fit all Breton students (K-12) and to demolish Breton Elementary. This includes the preparation of construction tender documents, including drawings and specifications. 

“While we are disappointed that the Breton project was not approved for construction funding, we are hopeful that with all of the work and planning that has already occurred, this will just be a temporary pause and that it will be approved in the 2025 budget,” stated Board Chair, Daryl Scott. 

“It is unfortunate that after a year’s work on design plans, the Breton community is left wondering when or if this will happen,” said WRSD Superintendent, Brad Volkman. “Regardless, the staff of Breton Elementary and Breton High School remain committed to providing powerful learning environments for our students.”

The plan to bus Breton High students to Warburg for the next school year will not be happening. There will be no need to vacate the building as there will be no construction occurring. 

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