Corridor Public Meeting Update

March 24

On February 24, 2020, the Wild Rose School Division Board of Trustees announced a public meeting for March 31, 2020 at Leslieville School. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this public meeting has been cancelled. 

The main purpose for this meeting was to receive community feedback regarding the possible closure of the Leslieville School K-7 program effective June 30, 2020. The main reason the Board is considering this school closure is to make room for the new construction of a grade 7-12 school on the same property in Leslieville. We will very soon be entering the design phase for this Leslieville project as well as the construction of a new K-6 school in Condor. Both of these projects involve the demolition of the existing Leslieville and Condor schools. For this reason all of the Leslieville and Condor students will temporarily be attending school at David Thompson High School starting the 2020-21 school year and until the two new schools are completed. Once completed, all grade 7-12 students will attend the new high school in Leslieville and all K-6 students will attend the new elementary school in Condor. At that time, the current DTHS building will be closed. 

During this time of design and demolition (which is scheduled to begin during the 2020-21 school year), we will operate two distinct schools on the current David Thompson High School site: Condor Elementary (grades K-6) and DTHS (grades 7-12). Under this plan, the Leslieville K-7 program would no longer exist effective the start of the 2020-21 school year. As such, the Board of trustees will need to vote on the closure of the Leslieville K-7 program. 

Before making this final decision, the School Board is interested in receiving feedback from the community. Do you have any questions or concerns? Is there anything the Board should keep in mind as they make this decision? Since we can no longer have a public meeting to receive your feedback, the Board is accepting written statements from anyone interested regarding this closure decision. All written statements must be received at the Division office no later than April 20, 2020. The Board will review all received statements at their April 22 Governance & Priorities meeting and will then vote on the closure at their April 28 public Board meeting.

Please submit written statements to one of the following:


Physical Address:  Wild Rose School Division

4912 - 43 Street

Rocky Mountain House, AB

T4T 1P4

Thank you again for your interest and input regarding this important decision. Please know that planning and preparation for both the Leslieville and Condor projects continues to move forward.

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Christa said on March 24, 2020

Hello. I’m just curious as to why we aren’t bussing all these students to Rocky. DT is set to be demolished as it isn’t safe. With the economy they way it is shouldn’t we be utilizing the schools in Rocky rather than building new schools
In even smaller areas?

Thank you,

Brad Volkman said on March 24, 2020

DTHS is safe, but in need of modernization. Rather than continuing to maintain and modernize three older schools in the corridor, this plan will result in 2 schools in the corridor. While the economy will fluctuate, schools are built for 50+ years. The corridor community has communicated a desire to maintain K-12 education in their rural community and a willingness to support this change from 3 schools to 2 schools in order to do so. This has been supported by the government of Alberta, Clearwater County and the WRSD Board of Trustees. The Board continues to look at each of our communities through this same lens of maximizing our utilization rates while at the same time ensuring we have modern and safe schools.