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February 15, 2022 Board Meeting Highlights


The Board reviewed the calendar and the options and feedback received regarding the Christmas break.  After discussion, they approved the calendar as presented.

Family Wellness Worker Assistants (FWWA)

The Director of Wellness joined the meeting to present midterm statistics on the caseloads within the division.  Currently caseloads are extremely high, however the FWWA have been extremely effective in assisting with caseload management.  The Board recognizes the need to continue to support wellness within our schools, especially since the Director is anticipating a significant increase to crisis response after the pandemic. The Board of Trustees will continue to advocate for the required funding.

Live Streaming

The Board discussed whether to continue live streaming the board meetings, and whether to invest the funds to make the boardroom more live stream friendly.  It was decided that with the lifting of restrictions in the near future, we will discontinue the live streaming and not invest in improving our current set up.

Superintendent’s Report 

  • Covid-19 Update, Rocky Mountain House Community Engagement, Wellness Update, Grade 1-3 Learning Disruption Grant, Curriculum, Professional Learning After School Sessions, January Provincial Exams, Joint Use Planning Agreements, Technology, Capital Project Update.

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