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Illness Concerns

Student and staff absences continue to rise across the division this spring. Both COVID and flu related illnesses are on the rise. In some cases our schools are having a very difficult time finding enough substitute or casual workers when regular staff are away. 

School staff are currently doing an amazing job of covering for each other and taking on extra students or responsibilities where possible. We are very thankful for their commitment to keeping our schools open for learning. However, if we get to the place where a particular school cannot find enough staff to safely and effectively have all of the students at school, some individual classes may be required to stay at home for a few days. This will be a last resort and only if the school is unable to find enough substitutes to appropriately staff the school. 

Please remember that there are many things we can all do in order to reduce the amount of illness being spread in our schools including:

  • Regular hand hygiene throughout the day
  • Respiratory etiquette (i.e. cover your cough)
  • Continued support and encouragement for students and staff who choose to wear a mask
  • And most important…..stay home when feeling sick.  This is the most significant thing we can all do to minimize the spread of any illness at school. Before leaving home, staff (including substitute teachers), children/students, visitors and volunteers who will access the school for work or education, are expected to self-screen for symptoms each day that they enter the school using the applicable checklist for their age group. For further information regarding what to do if you test positive, have symptoms or are exposed to COVID-19, please see the following link. If a student demonstrates symptoms of illness while at school, the student will be isolated from other students and parents will be asked to take them home. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding in this important matter. Our goal is to keep our schools as safe as possible from the spread of airborne illnesses and to keep them open for learning to all students.

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