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Powerhouse Campus Move

Wild Rose School Division is excited to announce plans to move Drayton Christian School and HW Pickup Middle School to the new Powerhouse Campus for the start of 2024! While there are still outstanding pieces that will continue to be worked on over the course of the next few months, we anticipate that we will be granted occupancy and ownership of the new building on Friday, December 15. If the final inspections scheduled for this week require more time for approvals, dates may be adjusted.

Plans are underway to make the transition as smooth as possible. Both schools are making arrangements to provide students with opportunities to visit their new campus in the week prior to Christmas break. These details will be shared by the schools in the coming days.

In order to accommodate the movement of materials from the schools to the new campus and to provide schools with time to get things ready for students, DCS and HWP students will not attend on Friday, December 22, Monday, January 8 or Tuesday, January 9. 

A public open house will be held as soon as possible in the new year to allow members of the public to view this beautiful new building. Information on this, along with the formal grand opening will be publicized in the new year.

The only change for student transportation will be that students from both schools will be dropped off at and picked up from their new location. You may see buses at the Powerhouse Campus as drivers acquaint themselves with the new bus lanes. 

Thank you to the community, families, teachers, staff, students, Facilities department, Town of Drayton Valley, the Krawford construction crew, Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Education for your support, patience and willingness to make this project happen.

We are very excited to be able to make the transition for students from both of these schools and look forward to continuing to serve the students of Drayton Valley in our new building.

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