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Repsol Supports Schools with Land Based Learning Carts

Repsol has been extremely supportive of staff and student learning in our schools at Wild Rose School Division. For the last three years, they have sponsored ten of our schools to enhance and grow our classroom libraries with high-quality diverse literature to support our students in learning in the classroom.  

This year, the Learning Services team is piloting a land based learning cart full of learning tools and supplies to get students outside and learning at Aurora School. The ideas and resources for the project were developed in conjunction with curriculum and Indigenous education leaders from Elk Island Public Schools and Edmonton Public Schools. Land based learning recognizes the deep connection and relationship of Indigenous Peoples to land and place. It is grounded in Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy for the benefit of all. Students spend time outside setting goals, exploring strategies and curricular outcomes to learn from the land. Land-based learning enhances traditional and cultural values such as identity, kinship, language and ceremonies. By exploring their relationship with the land and community, students make their own meaning and create their own stories. With Repsol’s support we are able to support a land based learning cart at each of our elementary schools.

Land Based Learning Overview 




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