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Wild Rose School Division Survey for Drayton Valley Replacement School

Wild Rose School Division is in the process of building a replacement school in Drayton Valley that will include the students and staff of both H.W. Pickup School (grades 5-8) and Drayton Christian School (grades K-9). A naming committee has been formed and has posted this survey for the purpose of receiving student, staff and public input.

Both Drayton Christian School and H.W. Pickup School have decided that in addition to their individual school names, they would also like to have a campus name that encompasses both schools. The advantages of having a campus name for this shared building are as follows:
1. Provides a practical way of referring to the common spaces that the two schools will be sharing.
2. Provides the potential for some shared athletic teams or programs that could include students and staff from both schools.
3. Promotes a spirit of cooperation between the two schools.

The WRSD Board of Trustees would like to provide the community an opportunity to suggest possible names for a campus name. They would also like to provide an opportunity for the community to suggest a possible new name for the middle school, currently known as H.W. Pickup School.

Please use the following survey to make your suggestion(s). Please only complete the survey once. However, there is space for you to suggest more than one name when completing the survey.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this survey, please do not hesitate to contact Wild Rose School Division at 403-845-3376 or at   Thank you for your input into this important decision.

The deadline for submitting suggestions is June 1, 2021.

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